BMW Clubs Australia Car Club Nationals

At Easter 2017 BMW Club Queensland and BMW Club Gold Coast hosted the BMW Clubs Australia Car Clubs Nationals in Brisbane.

Our heartfelt thanks from BMW Drivers Club NSW contingent to the organising committees and the tireless members of BMW Club Queensland and BMW Club Gold Coast for a terrific Nationals. We understand the work that they put into making this event and we really appreciate all their efforts.

All the results of the Show of Excellence and the Motorsport are on the

Here is the pointscore table for the Interclub Award.  

Well done team, 2nd place by only 15 points.  All we needed was just another member or two to attend another item or two.  

Club Total
Km travelled



Event points  Place points Total points
BMW Club Queensland 146 4060 37 361 78 476
BMW Drivers Club NSW 39 19926 320 120 21 461
BMW Car Club Victoria 15 13733 241 72 0 313
BMW Drivers Club SA 4 3695 69 19 0 88
BMW Club ACT 3 1198 34 21 0 55
BMW Club Gold Coast 9 404 3 27 14 44