Current Supersprint Competition Rules

To make an interesting and competitive Supersprint Competition our BMW cars are divided into 9 classes plus 1 class for all non BMWs.  We then compete in the annual competition for trophies.

Philosophy:   The objective is to define a set of classes for cars of similar capability so that these classes have 6-8 regular competitors making for a genuine contest over a complete year.  This requires support from you, the club members who compete, to keep the classes going and the competition fair. You should not hesitate to contact a Motorsport Committee member to discuss where your car fits into the class structure.

It is up to each driver to disclose on an honesty basis, the modifications made to a vehicle to determine the appropriate Competition Class. 

The Motorsport Committee will observe performance and review the classing of all cars.  If your latest modification results in you overtaking cars that you could never catch or your lap time has dropped without explanation then expect to be reclassified so that you are competing with other drivers in cars of similar performance.

For safety reasons, classes will not represent the groupings for cars running together on the race circuit.  During morning practice or the first supersprint session lap times are used to determine speed related groups.  Only Individual's Supersprinnt lap times are used to determine Class place getters for the event.    

There is now no club day membership.  We will commence the 2016 season with this new upgraded set of rules.