Supersprint 4 @ Winton Raceway, Victoria

23 July 2017 at 8.00am

We are joining the BMW Car Club Victoria Supersprint Round 5 for our Supersprint Round 4 at Winton Raceway near Benalla in Victoria. This is a traditional event for our club and we greatly enjoy visiting CCV for this Supersprint event. Winton Raceway is great and his is a terrific, traditional, interclub rivalry, weekend. Entries are filling fast so if you want to enter, do it now or you will miss out. At last count there were 31 drivers from our club entered.
Entry to this event is via CCV's Wild Apricot event entry system. As we are an affiliated club we enter as BMWCCV using their member pricing. Go to and complete their form. Let us know that you are joining us for the practice day and/or our Round4 Supersprint with an email to Bob Williams . We usually stay at the Executive Hideaway in Benalla. or Phone 03 5762 4055. They are expecting us to book so be the first in. We also stay at the Glider City Motel 03 5762 3399
We usually drive to Benalla on Friday, have dinner together on Friday Night, practice or tour on Saturday, dine together on Saturday night, Supersprint Sunday and drive home on Monday. Enter now, book your accommodation and we will be booking restaurants on Friday Night and Saturday Night so let us know that you wish to dine with us. Bob Williams

Winton ?? Supersprint 4 @ Winton Raceway, Victoria