Supersprint 2 @ Lakeside Raceway, QLD

16 April 2017 at 7.30am

This Supersprint round is part of Clubs Australia Car Club Nationals at Easter 2017. For those of us attending the Nationals our Queensland hosts have arranged parking for our track cars on trailers at GeeBung, 20 minutes north of the Nationals Headquarters. This is a conveniently located, locked, secured parking lot for us to use. Gates will be opened for us as required. Entries for this round will be out later this month.

According to the Queenslanders, Lakeside is one of Australia's if not worlds most recognisable tracks. It is arguably Australia's fastest track. At full noise you really only brake twice. If you're a track jockey or just a casual track attendee, Lakeside wont disappoint.

Just as we do, the CCQ team will place us in speed groups so no worries. They will have a number of current and past racers on hand to give us advice on the best way to get around the track.

For some inspiration and for those who have never seen this track, check out Dave Towe (JPS E30 M3) and Richard Gresham (S14 2.5 litre powered 2002) having a bit of fun.... They promise us that Lakeside will leave us with a huge smile on our faces. Just ask Dave and Richard.....or anyone else who has driven it.
The day is being organised by their own Denis Wiesz who has organised many hundreds of track days for BMWCQ and a number of other clubs based in Queensland. They promise that the day will be run as a well oiled machine.

Make sure you book at the Nationals 2017 website at

Additional Items:
As part of the Nationals there is a Lunch and Laps day on Easter Monday 17 April. This is an opportunity to run your daily driver at highway speeds on Queensland Raceway, "the paper clip", at Ipswitch.

There could also be practice days at Queensland Raceway and Lakeside Park on the weekend before Easter for those who would like to try out these circuits.
Denis Wiesz is working on a day for us at Morgan Park Warwick for 18 or 19 April. Let me know if you are interested.