Supersprint 6 BMW/Porsche Challenge @ Sydney Motorsport Park GP Circuit

22 October 2017 at 7.30am

This year we host our annual BMW/Porsche Challenge at our Club Supersprint Championship Round 6. Our team of BMWs will challenge the Porsche Team in an attempt to return the interclub trophy to its rightful position with us at the BMW Drivers Club. From all the BMW entries to Round 6 we will select our team. There will be 5 groups with team members from BMW and Porsche in each group. The groups compete in timed ranges. The fastest car in the group will receive the most points for his/her club. Any car that is faster than the group minimum time is eliminated and scores no points for the club. For those club members not picked in the team it is our usual Supersprint Round.
For correct Flag Marshalling we will have car numbers on both sides of each car. Car numbers for those who need them are supplied for $6 for the set. Indicate that you need numbers and pay for them with your online entry. There is no cost if you have your own numbers.
We welcome drivers with CAMS L2S licences as visitors from other CAMS affiliated clubs. There is an increased cost of +$25 for visitors. It pays to belong.

PLEASE NOTE: Entries close first thing on Thursday Morning. We are closing off entries at 50 BMWs and 50 Porsches with a few on standby if either club has not filled its entries. This will give us 20 cars on the track in each speed group with 5 speed groups.

Cost: $300.00