Licence Requirements

If you are looking to enter any of our Motorsport events this year, you will require a CAMS licence. Please submit your application for the applicable type of Level 2 licence on the CAMS website HERE. Or if you are already a CAMS member, renew your licence at the CAMS portal HERE.

Having an appropriate CAMS licence is an event requirement and, regrettably, we will no longer be processing CAMS licence forms on the day.

You will require:

  • Level 2, Non Speed (L2NS) is required for Motorkhana Events ($80 for 1 year);
  • Level 2, Speed (L2S) is required for Supersprint Events ($125 for 1 year)

We would like to encourage people to opt for the L2S licence, as it covers both types of events. Especially if having done a Motorkhana, you are then tempted to see how your car performs in a supersprint environment.

Remember, supersprint isn’t door to door racing and you don’t need a fast car with all the go fast goodies. Nor do you need to be the next Juan Fangio! It’s about having a great day out and learning some car control skills with like-minded individuals. Hope to see you on the skid pan and the race track.