Annual BMW Car Show 24 September

The Annual BMW Car Show at Gough Whitlam Park back on Sunday 24 September was a great success. At one stage I counted 76 beautiful BMWs on show plus 7 brand new BMWs on Show from Canterbury BMW.  There were 30 of the cars on show up for judging. 

There were event other German Marques, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi and VW on show at the park making for a great combined show. Variety the Children's Charity catered the event. 

There were 6 Categories of BMWs judges at this show:

Category      Description                      Sponsor               1st Place               2nd Place                 3rd Place     

Best of Show                             Canterbury BMW         Glenn Cox

A      New cars FXs GXs and iXs   Smart Polish Pro        Glenn Cox             Geoff Hoad              James Wakefield

B          E60 thru E90 & similar    Hills Eurohaus            Rosalyn Lapsley     Jason Davey            Najib          

C          E46 and similar              Northshore Collision   Richard Morgan     Kerman Cooper       Peter Seaver            

D          E36 and similar              BeeEms                      Benjamin Powell   Ian McLachlan         Raffy Varjabedian 

E          E23 to E30                    Peak Performance        Heath Perry          Alffordable Classic     Steve Judges

F          all before E23                Parramatta Prestige     Bob Williams         Peter Meyer            Joseph Abouchabake

Download  the full results points table.