Round 6 BMW Porsche Challenge and Club's Supersprint Results

Your Motorsport Committee has declared that times for the morning sessions (S1 and S2) would be included in the results for Round 6

Download the Round 6 revised results. Note grey background of all revised results.

Download the points table after Round 6 revised results.  Note, only one round to go. Get that Registration in for Round 7

Download  the Supp. Regs for Round 7 

On 22nd October we were defeated yet again by the Porsche Club.

Team Porsche BMW

   1     26     13

   2     27     12

   3     29     10

   4     18     21

   5     23     16

Total  123    72

  Download  the spread sheet with all the BMW and Porsche points from the challenge


Earlier in the year our Clerk or the Course brought to our attention that there is a new maximum noise limit at Wakefield Park. The EPA has set the limit to 90db. The noise is measured by a sound level meter located 30 meters from the track just past Flag 2 where drivers are just accelerating to go up the hill to turn 4. This metre is the judge of fact and takes a photo of any offending car. The photo is sent directly to the EPA and Wakefield Park along with a text notification. The person on duty at WP then takes a copy of the photo with the meter reading to the Clerk of Course and TWO STRIKES and you are on your way home. Be aware that if your car is noisy, get it fixed or expect to be sent home.