Club Supersprint Competition

The first event in our Annual Supersprint Competition for 2019 is on Sunday 10 February at Sydney Motorsport Park Druitt (north) Circuit. Registration is now open. 

The Druitt Circuit is the fast and exciting circuit including the long Brabham Straight. Don't miss this one. As usual, there will be speed groups so new or inexperienced drivers are not on the track with the fast drivers and the fast drivers are not held up by the slower drivers.  

You don't need a race car to have a go at Supersprints. You can drive your BMW daily driver just the way that BMW meant it to be driven but not permitted on the beautiful roads of NSW. If you are interested, please accept our invitation to have a go. Take a look at the Motorsport tab on this website. If you are new to Supersprinting or to this circuit, there will be experienced drivers on hand to show you the way round the circuit.  

Download  the Approves Supp. Regs. for this event. CAMS Standard Regs are in Motorsport 

Download  Disclaimer, read it, sign it and bring it with you

Download  Annex C, vehicle modification sheet, understand it, fill it in and bring it with you. 

Download Scrutineering Form, use it to check your own vehicle, sign it and bring it with you. 

As always, we do need volunteers to be Flag Marshals. As a Flag Marshal you receive a briefing on how to do it, you have the best seat in the house right on track side, have lunch provided and you can even have a couple of laps in the passengers seat of a Supersprint Car at lunch time driven by an experienced driver. Regular Supersprint Drivers who volunteer as a Flag Marshal receive points towards their annual Supersprint Competition results. If you can volunteer please email Motorsport.