MotorKhana No.1 14 January 2018

This year we will have a three or four round MotorKhana competition with the first one being on 14 January.  There will be trophies for the most competent drives and fun for the rest of us.   Download the Sup Regs. Registration is now available on MotorKhana No.1 Event

MotorKhana is great fun for you and your BMW. It is all about the challenge of driving your car around a course of traffic cones in the shortest possible time. The trick is that the cones are on a large flat, smooth, wet slippery skid pan at Sydney Motorsport Park (Eastern Creek). The effect is that you practice and gain significant car control skills that might just save you in one of those situations on the road. You do this in a safe environment with no damage to you or your car. You can be in just one or enter all of them.