Supersprint Round 1 Results

The preliminary results for Round 1 have been updated to include the 5 points for each of the volunteers and to move Arthur Scerri's car to Prep-B. They are published in Motorsport Results on this website. 

The results are prepared using the best lap times from all sessions and the Annex C forms that we have. To finalise the results we need Annex C forms from all drivers. The Classes for some cars may change when all Annex C forms are considered. If you are running on R spec tyres then make sure your Annex C includes the 20 points for those tyres.   

The Club's Motorsport Subcommittee is reviewing these results to make sure cars are in the correct class and that the points allocated for modifications are correct. We need Annex C forms for all cars that compete in Classes A, B, C, D, MA, MB and Prep B. There is no requirement for an Annex C from drivers with cars in Class Prep A, R or Class O.