Winton and our Annual Supersprint with BMW Car Club Victoria

We are all excited about our annual pilgrimage to Benalla and Winton Motor Raceway in Victoria in July. Many of us make a 4 day event out of this annual drive to Victoria. It can be as simple as drive to Benalla on Saturday, Supersprint at Winton on Sunday and drive home after or drive to Victoria on Friday, possibly in convoy. Stay in Benalla, party Friday night, driver training at Winton on Saturday or tour northern Victoria, wine tasting etc., dine with the club party on Saturday night, Supersprint in Round 4 or our competition at Winton on Sunday or more social touring, casual dinner together on Sunday night and drive home on Monday.  

There has been some changes in BMW Car Club Victoria but we are please to announce that the events of 21 and 22 July are going ahead as usual. Entry and registration for the events at Winton are via the BMWCCV website.  

Download the event information for Saturday 21 July 

Download the event information for Sunday 22 July.

Note that the Driver Training event is purely a Performance Driver training day and is a special high quality event run by a professional organization called Evolve Driving. 

Winton is available for Test and Tune practice sessions on Friday 20th July as per usual. 

Please let  know that you are attending any of this event.