Supersprint Information

Drivers must submit an Annex C for their car if they want to be in the annual Supersprint Championship. On the Points Table, Cars shaded in green have an Annex C submitted. The rest of the drivers must submitt that Annex C. If you modify your car or change cars you must submit a new Annex C.  Annex C is not required for Prep A, R or O.    

Supersprint Rnd.5 at SMSP Druitt on 7 July   Download Results of Rnd.5    Download  Points table after Rnd.5

Supersprint Rnd.6 at Winton on 20 July Hosted by us with DCM plus CCC and CCV.  Registration now open

Supersprint Rnd.7 at SMSP Amaroo on 11 August

MotorKhana No.4 at SMSP Skid Pan on 15 September 

Driver Training at Pheasant Wood on 27 October   

Supersprint Rnd.8 at SMSP Gardner (GP Circuit) and this is the BMW Porsche Challenge where we are the host this year and are defending our win from last year. Don't miss this one. 

We have now introduced Driver Training and Practice at Supersprints with a “Follow the Leader Session” for some laps for those drivers who are not familiar with the track or those drivers who wish to learn and practice appropriate lines. There will be one leader for each group of 3 cars and the order of cars will change each lap on the main straight. Leaders may take inexperienced drivers in their cars during this session. All drivers and passengers will wear helmets and speed will be appropriate for the cars in the group to keep up and follow the leaders’ lines. The time for this practice session will depend on the number of new drivers and those wishing to improve their driving lines.

Download  Introduction to Supersprinting. This is all the info on how, when and where using a day at Druitt Circuit as an example.   

Car number list edited 5 July 2019.  We have issued a set of car numbers for drivers competing in our Supersprints.  All those who have competed this year have car numbers plus some from previous years. When you register for an event please use your car number from the list. If you don't have a number please select one of the spare numbers. Try to use 2 digit numbers but 3 digits are ok. As you know, you need car numbers on both sides of your car and you either supply your own or they are available for purchase at $2 each digit at the Sign-on Desk.  With the list of issued numbers you can be reasonably assured of having the same number each time.  Download Car Numbers.   Download  in Drivers' Names order.