Current Supersprint Competition Rules

Supersprint Championship Philosophy: The objective is to define a set of classes for cars of similar capability so that these classes have regular competitors making for a genuine contest over a complete year. This requires support from you, the club members who compete, to keep the classes going and the competition fair. You should not hesitate to contact a Motorsport Committee member to discuss where your car fits into the class structure. 

To make an interesting and competitive Supersprint Competition our BMW cars are divided into 8 classes plus 2 class for all non BMWs. We then compete in the annual competition for trophies. 

Motorsport Australia requires that drivers must have approval from the automobile owner to enter it in a Motorsport Australia permitted event. We have included on the Annex C form a statement that must be signed and the form lodged with the Motorsport Committee

I, the competitor/driver  ________________________________________________ own this automobile or have permission from the owner to drive it in the club's motorsport events and also confirm that the above modification sheet declaration for this automobile is correct and acknowledge that, if found to be incorrect, all points accrued for this championship year may be forfeit and I will be ineligible to accrue points for the remainder of this year.

It is up to each driver to disclose on an honesty basis, on the Annex-C form, all the modifications made to a vehicle to determine the appropriate Competition Class. 

For safety reasons, classes will not represent the groupings for cars running together on the race circuit. During morning practice or the first Supersprint session lap times are used to determine speed related groups. Only individual's Supersprint lap times are used to determine Class place-getters for the event.

Supersprint Classes for 2023

To make the Supersprint Classes easier to define your Motorsport Committee has a new set of Supersprint Regulations for 2023. These rules are a development from the 2018 thru 2022 rules. Please download the Annex-C 2023 form, complete it, sign it and email it to motorsport. 

The Download includes Supersprint Regulation, Base Points Chart, Mod Weighting, Others Base Points Chart and Annex-C form: 

Download  2023 Supersprint Regulations Ver 2.1  22 Feb 2023

Download  2023 Scrutineer/Compliance Form

Download  Motorsport Australia Disclaimer

Download  2022 Others Base Points Chart  

Download  print fill in paper version of Annex-C

Download   online fill in form

How To: save Annex C:

How To: complete Annex C:

For 2023 we have made some changes to our procedures and regulations for 2023. Please note that following:

Supersprint Regulations

Please ensure you have read the Supersprint Regulations prior to entering any Supersprint rounds for 2023. There have been some changes to the regulations which are outlined in the document such as:

  • Amendment of Rule 3.2 under Modifications now strongly recommends a minimum 4 point roll cage and fixed back racing seat to accompany any 4, 5 or 6 point racing harness, adhering to Schedule J. This will be checked during scrutineering. Use this link to refer to Schedule J.
  • Amendment to modification weighting for front seats to include points for both front seat changes. A safety bonus is deducted (see Annex C) for the installation of a 4, 6 point (or greater) roll cage which meets Schedule J, to support the weight removal of seats. This safety deduction does not apply should a seat be removed without roll cage installation.
  • Amendment to modification weighting for tyres. Changed wording from Racing Compound Semi-Slick to Track Specific Performance Level 1 and 2 Tyres and updated the list of applicable tyres. This will be monitored throughout 2023 by the Motorsport Committee. Should your tyres not appear on the list, please contact the Motorsport Committee for a decision, prior to submitting your Annex C.

Annex C

We have transferred Annex C from Microsoft Word to Excel. This form has substantially remained the same. Please note the following:

  • Download the 2023 Annex C file from the BMW website. 
  • Using the 'yellow' fields, enter relevant Driver Details data, including your First Name, Surname, BMW NSW Drivers Club Number, Vehicle Registration (if applicable) and Racing Number. Many of you will have your numbers from 2022. Should a driver select a number which has already been allocated, the Motorsport Committee will contact that driver. The driver is responsible for the race numbers of the car; the Club no longer sells these numbers - refer to Supersprint Regulations for further information about Race Number requirements.
  • Choose your BMW vehicle from the drop down list; select the arrow at the end of the "Select your BMW" cell. Your Annex A Base Points and Base Championship Class will automatically appear. For a Non-BMWs use the grey box and type the Make/Model/Year and enter your relevant Base Points into the yellow cell next to the grey. Your OA or OB class will automatically appear.
  • Allocate your modifications by simply selecting the values in the yellow cells for the relevant modifications. Note that these cells are locked to the values that the Regulations permit. Such as 5 points for a lightweight battery will only allow 5 points to be entered. If you have an engine swap, you need to enter the points manually into the relevant yellow cell on the spreadsheet. Please consult with the Motorsport Committee. Write a brief description of your modification into the relevant field, such as "Big Brake Kit'.
  • Once your modifications have been entered, you will notice a series of green cells at the bottom. This tallies your points including your base and modifications. It will also show you your BMW Championship Class based on these points (note that his may be different from your base class). Should you disagree with that class, please contact the Motorsport Committee. For Non-BMWs, the results will show in the grey cells.
  • Your name will automatically appear in the disclaimer and the signature, as will the date you complete this file.
  • Please ensure you save this file as Annex C First Name Surname Club Number, for example Annex C John Smith 123456.
  • Should there be any issues or recommendations for the revised Annex C, please let the Motorsport Committee know via email.

MotorKhana Rules 2018

Download MotorKhana Rules 

Our Motorsport competition is conducted under a Motorsport Australia Licence. Take a look at the Standard Regulations from Motorsport Australia. There are Supplementary Regulations for each event and these provide event detail. The Supp. Regs. are published with the Entry Registration and all entrants must read these Supp. Regs.