?? Supersprint Rnd.7 BMW/Porsche Challenge at Gardner Circuit

Supersprint Rnd.7 BMW/Porsche Challenge at Gardner Circuit

31 October 2020 at 7.30am

This is the annual BMW / Porsche Challenge and is hosted this year by Porsche Club NSW at Sydney Motorsport Park Gardner Circuit on Saturday 31 October. We are defending our wins of the trophy from the last two years. Can we do it again?
BMW Club drivers register here on this website. Total registrations of BMW members is 60 drivers and there will be 60 Porsche drivers registered on the PCNSW website. The original registration for this event actually filled 55 places by 8 Oct so if you missed out and would like to be on the waiting list, please send an email to motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au Priority for BMW Drivers Club NSW Club Members.

We hope that our drivers get together before this challenge to work out our best team suggestions and we will choose our team of 25 BMWs out of our members with 5 members in each of 5 speed groups. We expect the speed group times by agreement with PCNSW will be
Group 1 is the outright group - no target lap time – the faster the better.
Group 2 targets 1 minute 46 seconds
Group 3 targets 1:51
Group 4 targets 1:54
Group 5 targets 1:57.5

For members not selected in the team, the day is simply Supersprint Round 7 with all drivers who have submitted an Annex C for their car, working on points towards our club's annual Supersprint Championship.

This event is run under Motorsport Australia Permit 220/3110/01 applied for by our host, PCNSW, and published here. This also includes the Covid-19 event venue plan and the approved PCNSW Supp. Regs. that you are to read. To enter this event you must be a member of a Motorsport Australia affiliated club to get a Motorsport Australia L2S license or higher. We give preference to members of our BMW Drivers Club.

Under Covid-19 requirements we will be adhering to 1.5M social distancing and you will not be queueing. As you register for this event on this website you are providing your Club Membership Number, your Motorsport Australia License Number and its expiry date. We will check your membership and Motorsport License details as part of the event regulations. No active Motorsport Australia License then don't register.

To complete Registration:
1. Read the Supp. Regs. They are the PCNSW Supp. Regs. for this event and are published here. We will comply all these regs except our paperwork goes to us at: motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au
2. Read, understand and sign the Disclaimer and email it with the other 2 docs. We must have a signed Page 2 of that disclaimer.
3. Read, understand complete your car scrutiny check, sign and email the form with the other 2 docs.
4. Read understand and sign the Statement of Vehicle Compliance and email it with the other 2 docs.
That is those 3 documents must be emailed to motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au with subject line Rnd.7 Doc. as soon as you can and must be by 27 October.
If we do not receive these three documents then your registration will be cancelled and your place passed onto one of the drivers on the standby/waiting list.

Register for $300 early-bird now to 23 October then $330 until registration closes at midnight on 29 October. Visitors from other Motorsport Australia affiliated clubs are welcome but pay an extra $50 at the Event Management Desk. It pays to belong to the BMW Drivers Club NSW.

On the day you will be marked off as present, issued with your wrist band, car number and starting grid position. Car number digits $2 each and battery triangles $1 will be available for purchase. We will email Driver Briefing notes before the event. There will be no driver briefing on the day but there will be P.A. announcements.

Cost: $ 300.00

Registration for this event has now closed. We look forward to welcoming you to another event.

?? Supersprint Rnd.7 BMW/Porsche Challenge at Gardner Circuit