Supersprint 3 Pheasant Wood Circuit (PWC)

16 April 2023 at 7.30am

This is Round 3 of our 2023 Supersprint Championship and it on Sunday at the Pheasant Wood Circuit at Marulan NSW. Motorsport Australia Permit 223/1604/04

You must have at least a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence and you must read and understand the 2023 Supersprint Rules then complete an Annex-C 2023 form for your car and submit it to . You need to complete the Annex-C 2023 once only for the year or if you change your vehicle Data or Modifications.

Read the event Supp. Regs, download the Disclaimer, read it, sign it and bring it with you to the Sign-on Desk at the track on the day, download the Scrutiny Form, use it to check your car, sign it and bring it with you to the Scrutineers at the track on the day.

Choose your desired car number, enter that number on your registration form. If no other driver selects that number then that car number is yours. If someone else has that number then you will receive an email suggesting an alternative number. You purchase your own 230mm high Helvetica or Aerial or like font car number digits in black or white to contrast on your car, and have them on your car for checking at scrutineering.

Cost: $ 220.00

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