Come and Try SMP Amaroo (South Circuit)

13 April 2019 at 8.00am

This is a new event for our club. We are making it a CAMS Come and Try Day. The day is designed to give all our club members the opportunity to drive their BMW on a car race circuit. As long as the car is road worthy and can pass the NSW Rego Pink Slip then it is ok. The day is not timed, there will be no prizes or awards given. You will experience the car race circuit in your car and improve your car control and driving ability under the supervision of an experienced instructor or coach.
There will be a limited number of drivers space around the circuit each session. No racing, just learning to be a better driver and experience a car race circuit. Great for new or soon to be licenced drivers from the age of 16 years.
Club members pay $150 and visitors pay an extra $50. Members can bring relatives and friends and each pays the $150 at registration on this website and if not a club member then the extra $50 on the morning at the Sign-in desk. All drivers need a minimum of a CAMS Level 1 licence. This can be purchased on the day for $25 at the Sign-in desk and if the driver goes ahead and, within the next 6 months, purchases a CAMS Level 2S licence then the $25 is credited.
There will be club experienced Supersprint drivers on hand to act as driver instructors and coaches to show all the new drivers the way around the circuit. We are looking for volunteer instructors and coaches. If you volunteer and can assist for the day you will be credited with 5 points on your Supersprint competition. We also need volunteer Flag Marshals and if involved in the Supereptrint competition will receive your 5 points. Please let me know if you can be an instructor/coach or Flag Marshal. .
The numbers for this day will be limited so that everyone gets lots of laps so register as soon as you can to not be disappointed. There will be more details so keep an eye on this events item.

Cost: $150.00

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