?? Driver Experience Flag Marshals HVS Volunteers

Driver Experience Flag Marshals HVS Volunteers

26 October 2022 at 6.00pm

We must have 10 Flag Marshals to run our Driver Experience, Come & Try night, at Sydney Motorsport Park, Druitt Circuit.

We are inviting the owners of all our Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) registered cars to have some free laps of Druitt Circuit in their HVS registered Historic Car in return for volunteering as a Flag Marshal for the evening.

Laps of the circuit will be parade laps at appropriate speed behind a leader. Drivers will then be issued with flags, two-way radios, will attend Flag Marshal Briefing and be driven to their Flag Stations around the circuit. You will be assured of an interesting event with you watching the action with all sorts of drivers on the circuit in appropriate speed groups.

This is your opportunity to show off your Historic Car, give it a run on Druitt Circuit and your volunteering for this event will be greatly appreciate.

Your Historic Car just needs to pass the Scrutineer Form for TfNSW cars. It doesn't need a fire extinguisher. You download the TfNSW form and use it to check your car then bring the form with you on the car on the night for a brief check by the scrutineers. You do need to complete a disclaimer and be appropriately attired in non synthetic clothes neck to wrist to ankles, appropriate covered footwear and a helmet to AS1698.

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