Driver Experience at Pheasant Wood

27 October 2019 at 8.00am

Driver Experience is a day that provides the opportunity to drive your car (doesn't have to be a BMW) on a car race circuit. The day includes a theory session, a track walk, then follow the leader laps and many laps with our club's experienced Supersprint Drivers as coaches. This is a great day for new drivers and learners and experienced drivers to learn best driving techniques. Cars can be your daily driver. This is a non-timed event and can be used to learn Supersprint Driving techniques from experienced Club Supersprint Drivers. Requirement is a CAMS L2S licence or a Pheasant Wood Day licence at $30.
Read the instructions for all the details of the day.

Registration is now open. Entries close on 25/10/2019.
Note the new lower cost is subsidised by the club to encourage more drivers to have a go at a motorsport circuit.
early registration is closed
$160 for normal entry of BMW Club Members registering from 21 Oct. to before 26 Oct.
$180 for normal entry for visitors registering from 21 Oct. to before 26 Oct.

Cost: $ 160.00

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?? Driver Experience at Pheasant Wood