Driver Experience - Come & Try - Intro to Supersprints Amaroo

14 May 2022 at 7.30am

You have been awaiting this one. It is the opportunity to drive your BMW daily driver on a car race circuit. Amaroo Circuit at Sydney Motorsport Park is the ideal place to give it a go and all BMWs perform better on the car race circuit than you are allowed to try on the public roads and there are no potholes.
You can also enter in your track car and practice your Supersprint skills.

Attached are the Supp. Regs. for this event as well as Introduction to Motorsport, Notes and Basic guide to performance driving for you to read.

The aim of this driver experience day is to:
give all of us an opportunity to have a go at Motorsport.
improve our driving skills by driving our cars on a racetrack
provide safe and appropriate driver education using our BMW Club Supersprint Drivers as instructors.
provide an opportunity for junior members from age 14 to learn to drive.
provide experience for drivers to appreciate the excitement of performance driving and to practice Supersprints.
give some of our experienced drivers an opportunity to test and tune their track cars and improve their track driving.
possibly include introduction to motorsport for the members of the Mercedes Benz Club (MBCNSW).

All drivers must have a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence or Motorsport Australia day Licence.
You can purchase a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence inline at . If you don't have a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence then please email and let me know that you want a $25 day licence. I will arrange for it to be at the sign-on desk where you will pay the $25. That payment can be a credit towards a full Speed licence if you take that out in the next 6 months.

To register for this event "click" the Register button, complete the form and pay the entry fee.
You then need to download, read and sign the Disclaimer and bring it with you to the Sign-on Desk on the day.
You need to download the Scrutineer form for TfNSW if you are entering in your registered road car or the Scrutineer Form BMW Club 2022 if you are entering your track car. Use the Scrutiny form to check your car, sign it and bring it with you to Scrutineering on the day. Daily drivers don't need fire extinguishers etc. Track cars do.

If you are taking an instructor or being an instructor then download the passenger ride form, complete it and bring it with you to the sign on desk.

We need our Supersprint Drivers to volunteer as driving instructors. Please email if you can help as an instructor.
We need Scrutineers and Flag Marshals. Please email if you can help as a Scrutineer or a Flag Marshal.
We can supply lunch for our Instructors and Flag Marshals and Laps in the passenger's seat of a Supersprint car for Flag Marshals.

Cost: $ 150.00

Registration for this event has now closed. We look forward to welcoming you to another event.

?? Driver Experience - Come & Try - Intro to Supersprints Amaroo