?? Driver Experience / Come & Try for everyone

Driver Experience / Come & Try for everyone

26 October 2022 at 5.30pm

Have you ever wondered how you and your BMW would go on a car race circuit?
Here is your opportunity, under the brilliant LED lighting at Sydney Motorsport Park, to drive at night under the brilliant LED lighting on the fast and flowing Druitt Circuit.

We will be separated into three separate groups so no-one is being pushed or holding up anyone.
Group 1. Learners, 14 to 18 years years of age learning to drive.
Group 2. New and regular drives for the first time on a car race circuit improving their driving and
Group 3. More experienced and faster drivers learning track driving and checking out how well their BMW goes.
We will have an Introduction to Motorsport talk and our experts drivers will be on hand to show the way and provide driving lessons.
This is your opportunity to improve your driving and give your BMW a go on this real car race circuit.

We will be running this event under a Motorsport Australia Come & Try Day/Night Permit and all drivers will require a Motorsport Australia:
Speed Licence or better or,
Junior Speed Licence for 14 to 18 year old's, or
a 1 day Introductory Licence for those who don't have the Speed Licence and they will be available for club members for $25 on the day at the Sigh-on Desk,
as well as
an approved crash helmet to AS1689 plus appropriate apparel.

Cars can be your TfNSW road registered BMW or your BMW track car. Road registered cars will be scrutinised to our TfNSW Scrutiny Form and Track Cars to our BMW Drivers Club Scrutiny Form.

So that all cars on the track can be identified by Race Control / Track Manager and all the Flag Marshals, it is desirable for all cars to have car numbers on both sides of the car. These numbers to be white of black and a contrast to the colour of your car. Motorsport Australia Schedule K specifies 230mm high Helvetica Bold of Aerial Bold vinyl digits but as this is a Come & Try event we find that Bunnings self adhesive wheelie bin numbers that are 175mm high and come in packs of 2 for $3.23 are appropriate.
You include your desired two or 3 digit car number on the registration form. If there are drivers who select the same number we will email a suggested alternative number.

Cost: $ 150.00

Registration for this event has now closed. We look forward to welcoming you to another event.