?? Supersprint Rnd.5 and Driver Experience at Pheasant Wood Circuit (PWC)

Supersprint Rnd.5 and Driver Experience at Pheasant Wood Circuit (PWC)

27 November 2021 at 7.30am

This year we missed out on our
• Supersprint at Pheasant Wood Circuit on 3 July,
• Driver Experience at Druitt on 28 July,
• Driver Experience at Amaroo on 6 November
We are now fortunately able to open up a replacement Supersprint and Driver Experience day on the terrific Pheasant Wood Circuit on Saturday 27 Nov.

This Pheasant Wood Circuit is getting better each time we visit. Just ask the drivers who were at the Driver Experience last year.
Registration will open here on 27 Oct as long as Covid-19 is all ok to go ahead.

This day is for everyone:
A full Supersprint to replace SS.5 for our Supersprint Drivers in their Supersprint scrutineered cars with full Supersprint timing and
it is also a Driver Experience day for the rest of us. Driver Experience means: Come & Try Day, with Track Driving instructors, Drive your TfNSW registered daily driver BMW on this Circuit and we will even have sessions for new drivers from 14 years of age. Motorsport Australia L2S licences or Junior speed licences are required or we will have Motorsport Australia Day Licences for sale. You can purchase a Motorsport Australia L2S licence on Motorsport Australia's website or let us know that you want a day licence and we will have it for you to purchase $25 on the day.

The drivers sessions will be separate so the Supersprint Drivers are not tangled up with the Driver Experience Drivers.

To complete registration for this event all drivers must Read the Supp. Regs., complete and email the required Paperwork by 20 Nov.
Those docs are:
Motorsport Australia Disclaimer
Self-Scrutiny Statement of Vehicle Compliance
Self-Scrutiny Checklist.
Scrutiny check for the Driver Experience Road Registered cars.

Also all drivers in our Supersprint Championship must have by now submitted a signed Annex-C Ver.2 2021 form.
Annex-C Ver.2 2021 form is a once per year requirement so, if you have not already complied, complete your Annex-C Ver.2-2021 and email it now.
There will be a new Annex-C next year for 2022's Championship.

Depending on entries, we are including a beginners group. This will be a slow group for new drivers to gain experience on a car race circuit. Drivers will be encouraged to take an Instructor in this group. Drivers from 14 years of age with a MSPTA (Motorsport Australia) Junior Speed Licence will be accepted.

All these details will be finalised soon.

Registration for this event will open on 27 October 2021. Please sign up to our newsletter below if you would like to be reminded closer to the event date.

?? Supersprint Rnd.5 and Driver Experience at Pheasant Wood Circuit (PWC)