?? Driver Experience/Come &Try POSTPONED

Driver Experience/Come &Try POSTPONED

28 July 2021 at 6.00pm

Due to NSW Govt. announcements this event is postponed. We are working with ARDC to come up with a date that will be announced as soon as possible. We will be providing a refund to all those who have registered and paid.

Our thanks to members who have registered and to our Driving Instructors who have volunteered. We all look forward to the death of Coronavirus and that it happens in the very near future. Let's get the jab.

Original announcement/s for general interest:
This Driver Experience evening was to be your opportunity to experience Sydney Motorsport Park, Druitt Circuit. This Circuit is named after the original car race circuit on the old WWII Mt. Druitt RAAF landing strip that started as a 2.9 KM car race circuit in 1948, expanded to 3.6 KM in 1952 and, due to safety, closed in 1970. At SMSP, Druitt Circuit, and that is the north circuit, features that terrific main straight, hair-raising turn 1, complex turn 2 and 3 then down the hill and across the flip-flop to the back straight and the last three corners to return to the main straight. Very exciting 2.8KM of blacktop. If you haven't driven this one then give it a go on this night event.

This was to be a night for everyone:
juniors learning to drive from age 14,
new learners and P platers before and after their driving test,
daily drivers who would like to have a go in their road car,
experienced drivers who would like to go faster than 110KMPH,
Supersprint drivers in track cars wanting to test and tune
and we will have some driver education from our clubs experienced trainers.

As this was to be a Motorsport Australia (MSPTA) Come & Try event you were able to enter in your NSW Road Registered daily driver with no modifications like Fire Extinguisher or you can enter in your race prepared track car. All drivers must have a MSPTA Level 2 Speed licence that you can get online from MSPTA. If you don't have a MSPTA LS2 then we will have one day introductory licences at $25 available on the day for those who order that licence with an email to motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au by 22 July.
There is also a MSPTA Disclaimer that all drivers must download, read, fill in, sign and email to motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au with your appropriate scrutiny form by 22 July.
There will be an emailed questionnaire so that we can have you in an appropriate group. We will of course, separate the learners, new drivers, experienced drivers from those racers and we will have instructors to provide guidance where needed.

The Supplementary Regulations are published and there will be Driver Information and Performance Driving notes emailed with the questionnaire in the next couple of weeks. The cost is $150 for our club members and if we include any visitors then they will pay $200 for the night. It pays to belong to the BMW Drivers Club NSW.

We must run a check that all cars are ok to be on the track. There is a simple self-checklist Scrutineer form for road registered cars and our more complete Scrutineer form for Track Cars. Please download the appropriate form for your car, fill it in as you check your car, sign it and email it to Motorsport with your Disclaimer before 22 July.

All members please take a look a the attached YouTube videos

The Garage Café will be open for light dinner, snacks and coffee, so members, family and friends can watch all the action from the balcony. There is more information and separate registration for the social event.

We do have the best of our very experienced Supersprint Drivers as our instructors.
We do need our fabulous Flag Marshal Volunteers. Please contact motorsport@bmwclubnsw.asn.au if you can assist.

Cost: $ 150.00

Registration for this event has now closed. We look forward to welcoming you to another event.