drivertraining ?? Driver Training and Introduction to Supersprinting

Driver Training and Introduction to Supersprinting

26 August 2018 at 8.00am

Each year we run our club's Driver Training at the purpose-built Marulan Driver Training Centre. This track has recently been extended, widened and had corners re-profiled. We have even run a Supersprint at this circuit and have another one there on 4 November. The day has three aims:

1. As a Driver Training Day for young drivers and those who would like to have their first go on a dedicated car race circuit in a safe and controlled environment.
2. For those members who would like to try out their BMWs on the new Marulan.
3. As an Introduction to Supersprinting, for those members who want to get involved in our annual Club Supersprint Competition. There are still three rounds of that competition left for this year so time to practice and build up those driving skills.

For everyone, we start the day off with a friendly welcome and group theory session with experienced BMW Club instructors. This is followed by a walk around the track. As we walk, our instructors will point out all of the braking, gear selection, turn-in point, corner apex, exit and how to line up for the next corner. We follow that with sessions with cars grouped in equivalent speed groups, so that new drivers are not sharing the track with faster drivers. There will be experienced drivers on hand to act as coaches to instruct and guide you around the circuit. No requirement for a fire extinguisher or roll cage, and helmets can be rented on the day $20 rental with $50 refundable deposit. You need a CAMS L2S or you can purchase a Marulan licence for $50. Bring cash if you need either of these.
Marulan Driver Training Centre is at 8 Prairie Oak Rd, Marulan. That is 6.5Km south of the town of Marulan via M31 (Hume Highway) then Jerrara Road. Use that address in your navigator or Google.

This is a great opportunity for you and your BMW to have a go on the track, and there will be plenty of time for lots of laps!


"I just couldn't wait to get on the track! This was my second time on this track but first time in a manual car - I was so excited! As the day went on, I built my confidence and started to downshift around corners...I hope that the BMW club can do more of these days." - Jack Soghomonian, 14.

"To say I was excited to do my first driver training was an understatement...because I got to feel what it was like on a track and to go fast for the first time in my life (in a safe environment). Thank you to all the instructors who went with me during the day and taught me some new things, like how to take the proper line...and throughout the day I started getting faster." - Jordan McLachlan, 16.

Register early - places are limited and almost full. Minimum age 14.

Cost: $150.00

Registration for this event has now closed. We look forward to welcoming you to another event.

drivertrain ?? Driver Training and Introduction to Supersprinting