Motorsport Results

Please let me know now by email  if you find an error in the results or points so that these can be corrected. Don't complain later.

2019 Supersprint Results

Round 2, and we thank 70 drivers who recorded times at Wakefield Park on a warm autumn day. Luke Iggleden completed 50 laps, that is 110KMs  in his F87 M2 plus a few extras in the appreciation laps at lunch time. We now need the rest of those Annex C forms from drivers who wish to be in the 2019 Annual Supersprint Championship. There is no requirement for an Annex C for Classes Prep A, R or O but please let us know that you want to be included in the competition for those classes. Remember, trophies are presented at your Annual Dinner are for points that you accumulated for your best 7 rounds out of 8.

Download the results of 2019 Round 2

Download  the points table after round 2 

Download the results of 2019 Round 1

Download  the points table after the first round for 2019

These results were included on this website on 11/02/2019 and after some consideration have been updated/corrected and published on 13/02/2019. You had your chance to suggest corrections that have now been entered. I do hope that these results are correct.

2018 Supersprint Results

Download the results of Round 7

Download  the points table after Round 7

Round 6, The BMW / Porsche Challenge, at Sydney Motorsport Park Grand Prix Circuit 21/10/2018. This event, hosted by the Porsche Club NSW, was conducted under overcast skies with the track remaining dry all day.  We had 57 registered entries and Porsche had 48 making it a very pleasant and full day. The supersprints were conducted in 6 Speed Groups with up to 18 cars in each group with 2 full sets in the morning and one and a half sets in the afternoon. 

Download The results of Round 6

For the BMW / Porsche Challenge each club selecting five cars in each of five groups with only BMW or Porsche brand cars being eligible.

group 1 is the outright group - no target lap time – the faster the better.
group 2 targets 1 minute 46 seconds
group 3 targets 1:51
group 4 targets 1:54
group 5 targets 1:57.5
If a car goes faster than the target its eliminated.
Points awarded for the ranking in each group - 1st gets 10, 2nd gets 8, 3rd gets 6 then increment down by 1 to 9 and 10 which both get 0.
Competitors in each speed group were announced by each team before the commencement of the first Supersprint and Porsche Club had a spreadsheet calculator to determine the results.
Group BMW Porsche
   1       20      19
   2       21      18
   3       31       8
   4       22      17
   5       14      25
Total    108     87
That means that BMW Drivers Club NSW wins the BMW / Porsche Challenge for 2018. Congratulation team.

Download  the individual team member points scores.  

Round 5 was at Sydney Motorsport Park Amaroo (South Circuit) on a fine spring Sunday with 52 entrants recording times.  Download the results for Round 5.  Download the points after Round 5. 

Round 4 Winton Motor Raceway in Victoria with our hosts BMW Car Club Victoria. We had 23 entrants and CCV had 6.  Download the results for Round 4. 

Round 3 was at the new Marulan Race Circuit on a beautiful sunny winters day. Download the Results of Round 3 

Round 2 was completed in almost perfect motorsport weather at Sydney Motorsport Park North Circuit (Druitt) with 52 entrants.   Download the Results of Round 2   

Round 1 was completed on a hot day at Sydney Motorsport Park South Circuit (Amaroo) with 52 entrants. Download the results for Round 1. 

The Club's Motorsport Subcommittee is reviewing these results to make sure cars are in the correct class and that the points allocated for modifications are correct. We need Annex C forms for all cars that compete in Classes A, B, C, D, MA, MB and Prep B. There is no requirement for an Annex C from drivers with cars in Class PrepA, R or Class O. If you are running on R spec tyres then make sure your Annex C includes the 20 points for those tyres. R spec tyres are definately 20 points better than normal road tyres. 

Download all the Best Lap Records for 2018

Trophies will be awarded to the winners at our annual Dinner and Presentation night on 2 March 2019

2017 Supersprint Results  Download   

Round 7 Wakefield Park 25 November 40 Cars competed on a very hot day Download  the results of Round 7 

Round 6 SMP GP Circuit 22 October Download  the results of Round 6  2017. Porsche 123 points to our 72 points. 

Round 5 SMP North Circuit 2 September 48 Cars Download the results   

Round 4 Winton Motor Raceway 23 July 32 Cars join with the BMWCCV at Winton Download the results

Round 3 SMP South Circuit 18 June 55 Cars Download  the results 

Round 2 Lakeside Park Brisbane  16 April 14 Cars entered as part of the BMW Clubs Australia Nationals at Easter Download the results 

Round 1 SMP North Circuit 4 February 51 Cars competed Download  the results 

Download  the Best Lap Records for 2017.

2018 MotorKhana Results

Download the results of MotorKhana No.1 14/1/2018

Download the results of MotorKhana No.2 29/9/2018

Download the results of MotorKhana No.3 24/11/2018