Motorsport Results

I think we are getting close to these results for 2020 being correct with all drivers who want points having submitted the Annex C for their car.  Please let Motorsport know now by email if you find an error in the results or points so that these can be corrected. Don't complain later.  

2020 Supersprint Results  

Round 4. Field of 21 from our club defended our 2019 win of the Cross Border Challenge by again winning the cup this year   

Download  the Round 4 Results.    Download the points table after Round 4

Round 3 fell victim of Covid-19 and was postponed to a possible date later in 2020

Round 2 for 2020 was a full field of 58 drivers at Wakefield Park on 8 March.  Download  Round 2 results edited version 5 14/07/2020 

Round 1, for 2020 Druitt Circuit on 2 February the updated.   Download  Round 1 results edited version 5 14/07/2020

Many drivers have submitted Annex C forms for their cars so are in the 2020 Club Championship.  If you wish to be in the championship to possibly win a fabulous trophy then read the 2020 Supersprint rules  Download the Annex C, fill it in and email it to Motorsport. 

2020 Motorkhana Results

Round 1 9/2/2020 - News - Times

Round 2 - Cancelled due to COVID-19

Round 3 20/6/2020 - News - Times

2019 Supersprint Results

We won the BMW Porsche Challenge for the second year. 

Group 1 is the outright group - no target lap time – the faster the better.
Group 2 targets 1 minute 46 seconds
Group 3 targets 1:51
Group 4 targets 1:54
Group 5 targets 1:57.5
If a car goes faster than the target it is eliminated.
Points awarded for the ranking in each group - 1st gets 10, 2nd gets 8, 3rd gets 6 then increment down by 1 to 9 and 10 which both get 0.
Competitors in each speed group were announced by each team before the commencement of the first Supersprint and we again used the Porsche Club spreadsheet calculator to tally the results.

Download  the Challenge points for each team member and here are the results


Download the results of Round 8 of our 2019 Supersprint Championship

Download  Points Table after Round 7 with points for no Annex C reallocated

Download Points Table after Round 7

Download  the results of Round 7

Download  the results of Round 6

Download  the results of Round 5

Download  the results of Round 4 

Download the results of Round 3

Download the results of Round 2

Download the results of Round 1

Drivers who did not submit an Annex C forms for their car were not included in the 2019 Supersprint Championship. The winners in each of the 10 Categories will have their trophies presented at the Club's Annual Dinner on 29 February 2020. Make sure that you are at this presentation dinner to receive your trophy or be there to congratulate the winners.  It will be a great 40th birthday celebration at this dinner so don't miss it.  Registration is now open in events.  

2019 Motorkhana Results

Round 5 12/9/2019 - NewsTimes -  2019 Motorkhana Championship Results

Round 4 15/9/2019 - NewsTimesPointsChampionship To Date

Round 3 16/6/2019 - NewsTimesPointsChampionship To Date

Round 2 12/5/2019 - News - Times - Points BMW - Points Others

Round 1 24/3/2019 - News - TimesPoints 

MotorKhana Trophy present will be at our 2019 40th Birthday Dinner on 29 February 2020. Be there.   

2018 Supersprint Results

Download the results of Round 7

Download  the points table after Round 7

Download The results of Round 6

2017 Supersprint Results  Download   

2018 MotorKhana Results

Download the results of MotorKhana No.1 14/1/2018

Download the results of MotorKhana No.2 29/9/2018

Download the results of MotorKhana No.3 24/11/2018