2019 Multiple Sclerosis Sydney to the Gong Bike Ride

Club member Rodney Forbes has entered the MS Sydney to the Gong bike ride to ride 82km to support people living with multiple sclerosis. 2019 is no different although for some reason he seems to be a year older and now needs more practice beforehand.  

Disturbing fact, 10 Australians are told they have MS every week. It strikes young people in the prime of their lives, and currently there is no known cure. 

Rodney is riding to FIGHT MS to make his personal impact and change the lives of people living with MS. This is a really worthwhile cause and Rodney would really appreciate our support. 

PLUS, June 30 is this week, sponsor him now and get your tax-deductible receipt to claim your donation in this financial year...it's tax time! 

Simply click on the link to make a donation: http://msgongride.donordrive.com/participant/35009

All funds raised will be used to fund vital support services to help make the everyday possible for people living with multiple sclerosis. 

Thanks for your support.