Annual General Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday Night 1 December 2021 at the new and beautiful Sylvania BMW Dealership

We had twenty-eight members attending, sixteen proxies and sixteen apologies.

Club President, Alex Wong, welcomed the members, introduced the 2021 Committee and thanked Sylvania BMW for hosting our AGM. He then reported that the club welcomed 218 new members during 2021 and we now have 771 members. Even with event cancelations, there were 18 very well supported social events.  Alex thanked our club sponsors and supporters. Ashleigh for running Social, Gary Winterbottom for running Historic Registration, Randall Lumbewe for running Classic Registration, Anthony for Torque of the Town and our volunteers who assist with running the club. 

Club Treasurer, David Gillies, presented all the facts and figures, provided financial statements for the year ending 30 Sept 2021 and demonstrated that the club is financially in good hands. These Financial Statements presented to the Office of Fair Trading were accepted as a true and fair view of the financial position and performance of the BMW Drivers Club NSW Inc. 

The Committee for 2022 was elected with two new committee members:

  • President –                   Alex Wong 
  • Vice President –            Ian McLachlan 
  • Secretary –                  Randall Lumbewe 
  • Treasurer –                   David Gillies 
  • Motorsport Director –    Bob Williams  
  •  General Committee –  
  • Membership Secretary- Sean McKone   
  • Social Director -           Ashleigh Sherry   
  • Torque of the Town -    Anthony Newland 
  • IT/Webmaster –           Philip Middlebrook 
  • Motorsport assistant –  David Glanville 

After discussions in the Club's Committee meetings during 2021, Club Secretary, Randall Lumbewe, took over amendments to and updating of our Club’s old 2016 Constitution and presented these to the AGM in the 2021 Constitution. Main changes were; gender (he to he/she etc.), defining Family Members, name change, CAMS became Motorsport Australia, Office of Fair Trading became Transport for NSW.  Historic Vehicle Registrations was updated to include Classic Vehicle Registration and amended to comply with the latest NSW Gov. regulations. There were also procedural changes in electing the committee for future AGMs.  All changes were put to the meeting and accepted.  

As a club member you have agreed to abide by the requirements of the constitution and you are encouraged to Download the Constitution and read it.

There are important committee roles and a committee member place to be filled for 2022. If you would like the challenge of Club Merchandise, Advertising, BMW Dealer Liaison or one of the other important committee roles please contact .