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Our club is part of BMW Clubs Australia and therefore BMW Clubs International Council. We are supported by BMW Classic thru BMW Clubs and Community Management at BMWAG in Munich. 

BMW Club and Community Management publish a newsletter each quarter which showcases BMW Clubs around the world. We are all invited to register to receive this newsletter. The latest newsletter has just appeared. Make sure you get your copy.

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The latest issue 02/2018 includes BMW Clubs International Council Meeting and interesting BMW Club articles from around the world. 

BMW Clubs Australia is able to assist in tours of the BMW facilities. 

These include:

BMW Museum

BMW Welt

BMW Classic building

BMW factories

Please let me know if you are interested in touring any of these BMW facilities  and I will pass it on to BMW Clubs Australia. 

BCCM would love to receive an article from us to include in a future newsletter. 

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