Classic and Historic Registration

There are two schemes which are provided by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for vehicles that are 30 years or older and still road worthy. The two schemes are Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) and Classic Vehicle Scheme ((CVS).  In registering the vehicles under either of these two schemes entitles the registered owner to a significant reduction in costs (Circa $100) to register the vehicle along with the special number plates to signify the registration status.  We have for some years now been able to assist with the HVS registrations with Gary Winterbottom being the Club’s nominee to approve such applications for our Club.

Recently, our club has been working on being able to assist member’s with registering their 30+ year old BMWs  as Classic vehicles and we are pleased to say, as of this week, we are now able to assist members with this process. 

So, what is the difference between the two schemes HVS and CVS and what scheme does your 30 year (or older) vehicle come under?

For both Schemes there are RMS application forms that are required to be completed, not to mention the Registered owner of the vehicle must be a member of an RMS approved Car Club. The CVS requires significantly more paperwork and process to satisfy the RMS requirements with the possible inclusion of an Engineering certificate of Compliance, Blue Slip and photographs of the vehicle interior, exterior and engine bay.

In summary:

  1. the vehicle must be 30 years or older and of course roadworthy.
  2. There are limitations on the number of times you are permitted to use the vehicle which is up to 60 times per annum plus any Club events for which the vehicle is entered. Use of the vehicle outside of club events should, mainly be for maintenance and I guess to some extent testing.
  3. The vehicle must be used in a Club event at least once per annum. Of course the Club organised event might be for a Social Drive or a Cars & Coffee, Supersprint or Motorkhana.
  4. HVS registration assumes the vehicle is substantially standard.  There may be some small modifications where (say) changes to add a distinctive appearance, the wheels or tyres or suspension upgrades (sway bars changes) might leave the vehicle significantly the same.
  5. CVS allows for modifications which follow standards and guidelines set by the RMS and Australian Design Rules. E.g. Modifications such as engine swap which is greater than 20% more displacement than the car’s original family engine capacity, fitting of a supercharger or turbocharger which increases the power output by more than 20%, coil overs, significant changes to the steering system, ECU changes etc. to name just a few.
  6. CVS modifications may require a Vehicle Safety Compliance Certificate (VSCC) from an RMS approved VSCCS Engineering company.

For a more complete list of examples and how to determine if you need an Engineering Certificate of Compliance, see the link below to the RMS web site for light vehicle modifications.

Where a VSCCS is required the link below will provide a list of RMS approved engineers. The crunch here is that the VSCCS will cost around $2500. We shall make endeavours to try an obtain an engineering company as a preferred consultant to assist our members and will advise if and when this happens.

In the past some vehicles that have been approved under the HVS may not be actually compliant to the HVS and it is going to be up to the Club member / registered owner to review the requirements under CVS, accept responsibility for the registration status of their vehicle(s) and make changes if necessary. 

Should members wish to review the RMS CVS documents here are additional links to follow:

There is a process that needs to be followed and it is shown below, however if you would like to have a copy of the documentation including the Process Flow Chart below please contact the Club Secretary, Randall Lumbewe.

Download Flowchart.  This is Revision 1.4  15/07/2020  as part of the ongoing saga.  

We look forward to being able to assist and make the Classic Vehicle Scheme work for our members. as painless as possible