Club Supersprint Car Numbers

All cars competing in our speed events must have a car number on both sides. The number must comply with the Motorsport Australia Manual of Motorsport Schedule K – Markings on Automobiles and can be 1, 2 or 3 digits only. Digits are in white or black as a contrasting colour to the car.  230mm high, Helvetica Bold, Zurich Bold or Aerial Bold.  There will be no numbers made out of bits of sticky tape. Your car number must be able to be read by Race Control and Flag Marshals with your car passing at up to 200KMPH.   

We have moved away from having car numbers for sale at events. We have limited stock of some numbers and will not be purchasing any more. These digits will be for sale at $2 each and that will be the club supplying digits

We expect all drivers to select a car number and include that on their Registration for Supersprints. Many regular drivers have their own selected car numbers and those are being held for those drivers. Example my car number is 67 and that number is on my car. Tough luck for anyone else, who wants 67. You can see on the  Points Tables for 2022 and 2021 published in Results, the regular numbers that drivers are using. For everyone else, please select a number that does not appear to be commonly used and we will attempt to give you that number.  That will then be your car number as long as you keep using it. If you don't use your Car Number for 2 years then it becomes available for someone else. 

Appropriate digits in both black and white are available from suppliers like Revolution Racegear or your local sign company. Check Bunnings for appropriate digits.  I suggest that you have a number panel 40mm larger all round than your digits in black with white digits or white with black digits.  That panel could be magnetic material, easy to attach and remove with some white or black race tape on the leading edge to prevent the panel from being blown off at high speed.  

Similar problem with Battery Triangles. All cars must have a blue 150mm on a side equilateral triangle and on a white background if your car is blue. There will be some triangles available at sign-on desk for $1 and that will be the end of our supply. You can get your battery triangle from the same source as the digits or use blue plastic contact adhesive sheet and make your own.