Driver Experience Driver Training at HART 19 January

Our 19 January Driver Experience at Pheasant Wood Circuit became Driver Training and Introduction to Tarmac Rally at HART. H.A.R.T. is the Honda Australia Roadcraft Training facility at St. Ives.  It was the original NSW Police Driver Training Centre.  

Around 21 drivers, 3 L Platers and 4 Juniors attended this event at HART on a fine occasionally sunny Sunday.  HART ran the day and had 5 driving instructors providing the instruction. My thanks to HART and my thanks to our Driving Instructors:

Arthur Scerri

Ron Madafiglio.  Also took some images and also assisted as Regularity Timer.

Stephen Page.  Supplied images and assisted as Regularity Timer.

Maureen Scerri ran the Sign-on Desk

Alex Wong, Ian McLachlan, Avedis Soghomonian and Michael Walter also assisted as Driving Coaches.  

Take a look at the images from the day on Gallery 

Download the results of the Regularity Session.