Historic Vehicle Update:

With the recent checking of member’s details in the Clubs database records, it has been noticed that there are vehicles which are registered under the normal Transport for NSW registration scheme, but there are many vehicles which have turned that magic age of being 30 years or more.  These vehicles are now eligible for registration under either the Historic or Classic Vehicle Schemes of registration, which means a very significant saving.  Initial registration for either HVS is circa $100 and this includes the CTP insurance – saving will be around $1,000 or so.  Year 2 Historic registration is $47.00 per annum.


For Classic Vehicle registration the same cost applies however if your vehicle is modified outside of what TfNSW consider is “substantially standard” you may have to have a TfNSW approved engineer provide you with a Vehicle Safety Certificate of Compliance (VSCC).  This will cost up to $2500 depending on the amount of modifications and therefore the time required to assess the vehicle’s safety compliance.  Return on investment will be around 2 years.


The only caveat is that both HVS and CVS have limits on the number of times you can use the vehicle.  Read up the articles on Historic and Classic Vehicle Registration to get yourself more informed on how you could be saving money.