HVS Audit

BMW vehicles are the dream vehicle for many, to own and drive.  Young and old (vehicles and owners), the vehicles are a symbol of success and achievement.  Moreover, some of the head turner BMWs are the old ones especially the M Cars, restored to their former beauty.  Example:  E24 M635CSi, E30 M3, E36M3, E46M3 and E30s from the 1980’s are all incredibly popular regularly getting thumbs-up by passers by. 

The number of BMWs belonging to our members that are more than 30 years old total more than 400 and these have been historically registered as part of the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) by Transport for NSW.  Each of these vehicles have been endorsed by the BMW Drivers Club NSW to achieve this Historic status, which in turn has provided to the registered owner significant reduction in the cost of registering the vehicle.

In past Torque of the Town journals, we have provided insight how to go about registering your 30 year+ vehicle under the HVS scheme.  In the past two years we have also been able to be approved to endorse vehicles under the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS), the difference to HVS, being CVS scheme allows for a Historic Vehicle with significant modifications.

It has come to light that some of the vehicles that have the HVS registration status really should be registered under the Classic Vehicle Scheme since the modifications performed since initial HVS registration now qualify for the Classic scheme.

Accordingly, BMW Drivers Club NSW are going to conduct an audit on all historically registered vehicles, to ensure our database records are up to date and our members have the correct registration status, which, in turn will result in two important factors; firstly, it shall secure the Club’s ability to continue to be approved by Transport for NSW to endorse HVS applications and secondly, remove the possibility of the member’s vehicle from being defected (on the spot) along with financial and demerit penalties. 

The fact that TfNSW representatives and/or NSW Police can defect your vehicle is not only an imposition (flat bed towing, inconvenience, cost) but the ongoing effect of demerits being applied to your driver’s licence as a result of you having been driving a vehicle which is considered as “unregistered”.  Also remember it could effect your comprehensive insurance on the vehicle.

Soon, members who have historically registered vehicles will be requested by the Club to furnish to the Club a signed statement confirming that their vehicle is unmodified and compliant to TfNSW document VSI-6 and VSI-9, along with current dated photographs of the vehicle (3/4 front and rear view, side view (x2) engine bay, interior cabin, wheels, brakes and suspension.

The question will be, what if the vehicle has had modifications which are deemed requiring certification.  TfNSW have inspection stations, and our understanding is that appointments can be made to have their inspectors check the modifications, advise and certify or indeed demand correction and possible Engineering from an approved TfNSW engineering company to obtain a Vehicle Safety Certificate of Compliance. 

This process shall be somewhat demanding for each member, however it should be considered a whole lot less intrusive, less inconvenient and less costly than should you receive an on-the-spot defect notice and penalties.

Please refer to https://www.bmwclubnsw.asn.au/news/classic-and-historic-registration to understand the obligations that go with HVS as well as the links within the Club’s web page.