Membership Card

From Sean, our Membership Secretary, "We should design a new card graphic or substitute new images, Or, have a competition for members to submit the new design."   Download  the current template.

There are some caveats to avoid any accompanying software changes to the printing of Member details on the card stock:

  1. The grey lines on the backside are for the Member details to be printed onto the stock.
  2. We are currently testing the idea of printing a QR code on the front side of the card in the white area below the Club logo. We are seeing if our printer can provide cards which are printed on both sides of the stock, so that we could look up Member details and financial status online and save on new card production with each renewal. If that can’t be done efficiently, we might switch to taking up some of the graphic space on the rear to print a smaller QR code.

 Contact  if you are interested in helping with a design. If we get some interesting/exciting design ideas we might even be able to provide a prize.