Motorkhana Round 5 - 12/10/2019

Thank you to all who came for our 5th and final motorkhana of 2019. There were 34 entrants with everyone having a fantastic time despite some varying weather with sun, clouds, rain and wind keeping things interesting. Thank you again to all of the volunteers, Bob Williams (Clerk of the Course), Alex Wong (Motorkhana Director), Jasmine Wong (Timing), Ian McLachlan (Timing) and Jordan McLachlan (Timing).
Special mention to the drivers who made it to all 5 rounds! John Franta, Les Hemperger, Ian Machlan, Jordan McLachlan and Mark Lucas

Congratulations to the top performers of this round.

1st - Scott Berry - WRX STI
2nd - John Driver - Toyota 86
3rd - John Law - F87 M2

Slalom Shootout
1st - Mark Lucas - S13 Silvia
2nd - Linden Lumbewe - E92 M3
3rd - Brynne Driver - Toyota 86

1st - John Law - F87 M2
2nd - John Franta - F90 M5C
3rd - Les Hemperger - F30 323i

1st - John Driver - Toyota 86
2nd - Matthew Carty - Toyota 86 GTS
3rd - Brent Morris - 370Z