Our wish for Volunteers and here are the exciting opportunities

Our clubs activities are all organised and operated by member’s volunteering their time, interest and expertise. Our Motorsports events, Motorkhanas, Supersprints in particular, are the ones where there are more things to do than we have committee members and therefore we do need more club members to lend a hand. We call for interested members to register to form a team of volunteers that could be:

  • Driving Instructors. We need experienced and capable driver instructors for Driver Experience/Driver Training Events. We hope that there will be two Driver Experience Days in what is left of 2020 after we dispatch that COVID-19. One will be at Sydney Motorsport Park Amaroo Circuit and the other at Pheasant Wood Circuit. 
  • Race Control and Grid Marshal.  We have experts in this area but I am sure that Allan and Trevor would like understudies to learn these roles and be able to take over in an emergency. 
  • Flag Marshal. Depending on the circuit, we have places for a group of Volunteer Flag Marshals. It would be great if these volunteers all had Motorsport Australia official certification but inexperienced volunteers are accepted as we run Flag Marshal Briefing at each event. We cannot run without these very important volunteers.  As a Flag Marshal you have a set of flags and a two way radio and a position right on trackside, the best seat in the house, to watch and report on all the action. ,
  • Scrutineering.  We do have experienced and qualified Scrutineers. Qualification as a Bronze Level Scrutineer is gained thru Motorsport Australia Training. We can always use more of these important volunteers.  They are mainly needed for a couple of hours from 7:30AM on Supersprint Days but the chief Scrutineer can be needed for the whole day. Scrutineers can be Supersprint Drivers.
  • Sign-on Management.  Our dedicated Sign-on Desk staff would also like others who could assist and learn these roles.  Only needed for a couple of hours from 7:30AM on Supersprint Days.   
  • MotorKhana Marshalling and Timing.  For MotorKhana events we need a small number of Marshals and Timers.  These are easy and interesting positions and it would be great to have a small list of volunteers.  There are 3 MotorKhanas booked for the rest of 2020 (20 June, 20 September and 7 November). If you can assist please email  
  • Being a Motorsport Australia Official. https://motorsport.org.au/membership/officials Training is via an online Motorsport Australia module and is worthwhile for all of us.  
  • If you have any ideas for Social Events, drives, Cars & Coffee and are possibly interested in planning or assisting in the running of events please contact,   

Supersprint Volunteers who work thru the day are provided with lunch and the opportunity to ride in the passengers seat of a Supersprint car for a few laps with an experienced driver.