Takata Airbag recall 2019

Just about all the BMWs that had faulty Takata Airbags have either had their airbags replaced or are no longer registered.  If you are worried go to https://www.bmw.com.au/recall

From 2019 owners of affected vehicles were instructed to stop driving their vehicle immediately and contact their local BMW dealership https://findadealer.bmw.com.au/ or call BMW Australia’s Takata Hotline directly on 1800 243 675 to organise their free urgent vehicle collection. If your vehicle is affected then expect BMW to buy back your BMW as there are no parts available to repair your car.   

Further Information:

You have no doubt seen the press articles in the Australian media pertaining to the a new ‘stop drive’ Takata airbag safety recall affecting 12,663 BMW 3-Series (E46) vehicles in the Australian market. 

BMW Australia is working closely with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) on this matter and a decision to conduct a safety recall in Australia was made after discovering a particular batch of Takata airbags may not function correctly. 

On the affected models, the driver airbag is fitted with a single-stage NADI-type inflator by TAKATA.  According to current findings, if an affected vehicle is involved in a collision activating the airbag, degraded propellant could lead to over-aggressive combustion which may cause the inflator to rupture.  This may cause metal fragments to enter the vehicle cabin at high speed, potentially injuring or causing death to the vehicle occupant. There have been deaths.  

Vehicle owners are asked to stop driving their vehicle immediately and to contact their local BMW dealer to organise their free urgent vehicle inspection.  There is also be a recall information page on the BMW Australia website and the ACCC website for owners of affected vehicles. 

BMW Australia recognises the potential inconvenience that this may cause to vehicle owners.  BMW Australia will have their vehicle either towed to the place of inspection.  The vehicle should not be driven to the inspection location. The inspection is expected to take approximately 30 minutes and BMW Australia will cover all costs incurred with the inspection. 

All information can be found on the ACCC website:  https://www.accc.gov.au/