Torque of the Town

The fabulous "Keeping our nose clean: Covid-19 Edition", Issue 2 for 2020 was posted to all members last month and I am sure that you will agree that this first issue from Simon, our new editor, was terrific. 
The deadline for articles for Issue 3 has past and you can expect to receive your copy soon.
Unleash the writer, photographer and artist within you for Issue 4.  The deadline for that issue id mid-November. Simon is especially interested in all possible articles from us who attended club events and items from new members or first time BMW owners. Tell us why you bought a BMW and what you’ve liked so far. Please get those articles and photos to Simon as soon as you can to make sure your article gets into Issue 4.   

Articles should be 500-750 words in length, but shorter is okay as well.  Send photos and illustrations as JPG files. Submissions due by 15 November 2020 to . Thanks for your contributions.