Torque of the Town

Unleash the writer, photographer and artist within you! We are keen to hear from Club members who would like to submit articles, photos and illustrations for Torque of the Town, your club magazine. Deadline for Issue 3 2020 is 31 August.

Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
1) Did you attend the Driver Training day at Amaroo circuit? Or the Motorkhana at SMSP skid pan? Please send a couple of sentences about your experience. If this was your first time at a Club event or on the track, we would love to know what you thought. Did it go as you thought, or were there some surprises? How did it feel to go fast on track? What was your experience of the skid pan? Any near misses? All anecdotes welcome.
2) If you've been to any of our club events, such as the Social Drives or Tuesday lunch, send us a few words about your experiences. Juicy gossip welcome (wink) And if you have a couple of nice snapshots, please share them.
3) What's in your garage? We want to hear about it! If you have an interesting BMW - be it a garage queen, daily driver, race car or weekend special - tell us a bit about it. If you have an M1, a 507, a yellow Isetta or one of the other legends from BMW history, please tell us about it. How did you acquire it, how long have you owned it, what work have you done, where have you taken the car? And if you have more than one Bavarian beauty, we would love to hear about it. The rarer, the better. (And if you want to stay anonymous, that's okay, too.)
4) Keen to race but don't know where to start? There are more than a few members in the same boat! We would love a suitably experienced club member commit to writing a few articles on the basics of how to drive a car on track, the best way to run a MotorKhana, basics of setting up a car and even how to buy/build a race car.
5) Some people write, some people take photos and some people have the gift to create in other ways. If you have drawn beautiful pictures of wonderful cars, we would be delighted to feature your work.
6) What's your favourite drive? Have you done an epic road trip in your BMW, or maybe a short blast that has lived in your memory? Tell us about it. And if you have a secret Sunday drive route, we promise not to tell (much ...)
Articles should be 500-750 words in length, but shorter is okay as well - especially if you want to tell us about your experience at the Driver Training or MotorKana days. Send photos and illustrations as JPG files. Submissions due by 31 August 2020 to . Thanks for your contributions.