Torque of the Town (issue 2, 2020)

The plans for a fabulous printed Covid-19 issue of Torque of the Town are well under way and the deadline for articles is 5 June so get your article in NOW.  We will be posting Issue 2 to everyone in mid-July. Make this the best member's contributions issue ever. We expect articles on: 

  • favourite driving roads
  • driving experiences - what went wrong
  • BMW car build t
  • bottomless pit car.
  • Competition No:1   Who has owned the most Beemers over the years.  Any advance on 20?  We might come up with a prize for the champion. 
  • Competition No:2   Who currently has the most Beemers in their garage.  Any advance on 10?  Photos please and maybe a prize for the champion. 
  • Competition No.3 Who has the best simulator? Your prowess at the driver simulator e Supersprints?  A photo of the champion at the Sim-wheel. 
  • about your Garage.  
  • visit to BMW Welt and a BMW Plant or two. 
  • All the information on the Club’s new Classic Registration as well as our Historic Registration schemes. 
  • What is an Official BMW Club?  Where does our club fit into the BMW Clubs International Council and how is that useful?
  • Letters to the editor.  Your creative, comments for the editor on any subject. (keep it clean!)

Do you have any "Torque" newsworthy items that we could include in Issue 2. It will be the best ever. After all, this is your magazine. Please send all comments, articles and images to  with the subject line “Story submission – title”