Scrutineering / Before Entering the Track

For very good reason we operate our Motorsport Events under a Motorsport Australia licence with qualified officials. You need a CAMS Level 2 Speed (L2S) licence to compete and your car must comply with the requirements of the Motorsport Australia Manual of Motor Sports 2021. Please be familiar with that Motorsport Australia Manual. Latest 2021 version is online 

Drivers and vehicles participating in motorsport events must pass scrutineering before they are allowed onto the track. The scrutineering form used for evaluating your vehicle's condition is available here. You should download these Scrutineering forms, fill in as you use the form to check that your car meets all the requirements, sign the form and email it to  and bring it with you for scrutineering to check at the track. Use the form/s suggested in the Event registration.  

Download  our club's Scrutineering Form  Download Motorsport Australia Self Scrutiny Form    Download  Motorsport Australia Statement of Vehicle Compliance    Download Motorsport Australia Disclaimer.

You must also complete a Disclaimer Form and email it to  and bring it with you to the track.

Download Disclaimer Form

Where the owner of the Automobile entered in an Event is not the Competitor, the Competitor must produce written consent from the owner authorising the use of the Automobile in the Competition. If the car is registered (NSW RMS) or Motorsport Australia log-booked in your name then email a scan of the Rego Certificate or logbook.  If it is not in your name then gain permission Download  Motorsport Australia Legal Owners Declaration, have it signed and email it.  

Schedule H describes Fire Extinguishers. These have to be mounted correctly and have a 3 year life before servicing or replacement. Check your fire extinguisher. 

CAMS Manual Schedule H