Transitioning from HVS to CVS:

If your vehicle is currently registered under the Historic Vehicle Scheme and, for whatever reason, compliance being the main reason, and you wish to transfer the registration to the Classic Vehicle Scheme, what do you need to do?

a.       Reference document VSI.06 and if certifications is required obtain a VSCC from a TfNSW approved Engineer.

b.       Obtain a Blue Slip - advise the inspection station that the Blue Slip is required for CVS purposes

c.       Complete a Classic Vehicle Declaration form and have it approved by BMW Club NSW CVS registrar,

d.       Complete a CMC Declaration for your vehicle

e.       Current Historic Conditional Registration Certificate

f.        Complete a BMW Club CVS Statutory Declaration

g.       Photographs of the vehicle (time stamped) showing ¾ view front and rear, interior, engine bay suspension and brakes

h.       Send original copies of c and d to Secretary of BMW Club NSW (email to get the postal address)

i.         Email a COPY of b (Blue Slip), e (current rego certificate), f (Club Stat Dec), g (photos)

j.         Once the documentation is received from CMC by the registered owner, present the HVS plates to Service NSW

k.       Reregister as CVS with new Classic (D/E) plates.

l.         Advise of the new registration plate number.

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