• The Latest on Historic and Classic Vehicle Registration

    Historic and Classic Registration – The 2023 Update to existing HVS and CVS Registrations

    There has been plenty written about HVS and CVS registration processes in the past two years and we can tell … more

  • 2022 Motorkhana Round 5 - 26/11/22

    Thank you to everyone who turned up on Saturday for our final Motorkhana of the year. The weather gods put on a beautiful show and there was some great skidpan action had by all!Congratulations to … more

  • BMW Clubs Australia Car Nationals 2023

    Registration for the most exciting BMW Car Clubs Australia 2023 Nations on the Tweed/Gold Coast, Brisbane and Warwick is now open for you select your choice of events.

    Note that this is an all … more

  • Annual General Meeting

    Under the Club’s Constitution and regulatory obligations as an Incorporated Club, the Club must conduct an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each and every year.

    December 7 is the 2022 AGM, and this year … more

  • BMW Clubs Live Sessions

    BMW Clubs and Community Management (BCCM), the department of BMW Classic at BMW Munich that looks after BMW Clubs around the world, has been running a series of live video sessions called BCCM Live. … more

  • Wakefield Park

    Hi drivers, 

    Following the Court decision on 13 July, we were very fortunate and privileged to be running our Supersprint at Wakefield Park.

    We started the day with a parade lap and photograph in … more

  • Club Supersprint Car Numbers

    All cars competing in our speed events must have a car number on both sides. The number must comply with the Motorsport Australia Manual of Motorsport Schedule K – Markings on Automobiles and can be 1 … more

  • HVS Audit

    BMW vehicles are the dream vehicle for many, to own and drive.  Young and old (vehicles and owners), the vehicles are a symbol of success and achievement.  Moreover, some of the head turner BMWs are … more

  • Motorsport Officials

    Getting involved in Motorsport is not just driving in Supersprints and  / or MotorKhanas.  Have you thought about being a Motorsport Official?  

    Download  what it takes to become a Motorsport … more

  • Club SUPERSPRINTS in 2022 and the call for Officials

    Our club is desperately short of Motorsport Officials.  We almost did not run Round 2 and Round 3. We must have a Clerk of the Course, Steward and Chief Scrutineer to run a Supersprint Speed event.  … more