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  • 13 May 2024 12:49 | Alex Wong (Administrator)

    On Saturday we held our 2024 Motorkhana Round 2 event at Sydney Motorsport Park. It was a wet one with rain on (mostly) and off throughout the day but this didn't dampen any of the fun. In fact the rain kept the skidpan probably more consistently wet than with the sprinklers and arguably kept the cars a bit cleaner too! The event was fully sold out with 38 out of 40 drivers turning up. There was a good mix of cars from from an E30 to a couple of brand new G87 M2s as well as a bunch of interesting non-BMWs including a Yaris GR, a turbo 86 and the Robinson's diff welded Ford Falcon. Thank you as always to the volunteers who helped out on the day (Bob Williams, Victor Yee, Matt, Dominique, Rod and Andrew)

    Congratulations to the top drivers of the day!

    1st Andrew Best (Ford Focus RS)
    2nd James Hughes (Maxda NB MX-5)
    3rd Alex Wong (Maxda NB MX-5)

    1st Phlip Middlebrook (E92 335i)
    2nd Benjamin Benny (F87 M2)
    3rd Rod Minetti (F20 M140i)

    1st Andrew Best (Ford Focus RS)
    2nd James Hughes (Maxda NB MX-5)
    3rd Alex Wong (Maxda NB MX-5)

    1st James Hughes (Maxnda NB MX-5)
    2nd Philip Middlebrook (E92 335i)
    3rd Paul Pettersen (Toyota Yaris GR)

  • 08 Apr 2024 17:43 | Ian McLachlan (Administrator)

    Have you downloaded the Wild Apricot app to your smartphone yet? See what events are coming, register for the events, check what you have registered for, see your Membership information, access your Membership card, and much more. Search Wild Apricot member app in your app store and use your website login details to set up access.

  • 08 Apr 2024 17:36 | Ian McLachlan (Administrator)

    I am pleased to report that since the AGM, the Committee has been working to prioritise items for enhancement on the Club's website. We have engaged an external consultant to review the enhancements. A further update will be given once the external consultant provides feedback on our items, and any other enhancements that may be desirable to implement. 

  • 30 Mar 2024 12:00 | Bob Williams (Administrator)

    New Fill-in online paperwork for Supersprints.  Club Member Winston Loke has produced three Motorsport Forms that are to be filled-in online. 

    We have had online registration for years but it included forms that were pieces of paper. We have now progressed to online fill-in and submit forms. No more of that old download, print, fill in and bring those forms as pieces of paper with you to the sign-on desk at the track on the day.  Instead of that now, once you have registered and paid on the familiar registration, come back to these three forms. This process is simple. You click on the link, it opens the form, you fill it in and click on Submit.   

    Risk, Disclaimer and Indemnity Form 

    Self-Scrutiny Statement of Vehicle Compliance 

    BMW Drivers Club - Scrutineering Form

    The new Process:  Your Disclaimer and Compliance go directly to the Sign-on desk with all your usual information as entries on the Event Spreadsheet.  The Sign-on desk staff mark you present, issue your driver's wrist band and present you with your "Entered sticker".  That sticker has your Car Number, Starting Grid, Stating Place and a box to be signed by the scrutineer. 

    Next is Scrutineering.  The Scrutineer has your submitted scrutiny form. Don't take your car to Scrutineering unless it is ready as described in the Supp. Regs. or you will be simply waved away to come back later.  If you and your car are ready then you, your car and your "Entered sticker" go to the scrutineer who checks your car, signs your sticker, if your car passes, then attaches your signed sticker to your car.  

    If you are to be involved in Familiarisation Laps or Appreciation Laps for Flag Marshals, then there is the Motorsport Australia Passenger Ride Form for driver and passenger to fill in and submit to Sign-on Desk. 


    Qualified Motorsport Australia Officials.  We must have Motorsport Australia qualified officials. Please be involved. All the information on qualifications and training is on the Motorsport Australia website. . Firstly, get your General Official qualification. It is an online short course.

    Then look the for information on officials and

    We need these officials and there are training modules for Bronze Circuit Official (available online), Bronze Event Administration (available online), Bronze Event Command (available online)  Bronze Scrutineer and Steward.   

    The best way to get a Motorsport Australia Speed licence is to go to "Sign up now", create your account, sign-in, click "My licence Applications"  and purchase you licence on-line. 

    Motorsport Program, Supersprint Rules and Annex-C for 2024s are all on the Website in The call is for all competitors to complete their 2024 Annex-C now.  We must have all the Supersprint cars in their correct 2024 Championship class.  No Annex-C for your car then no entry to any Supersprint. 

    Motorsport Flag Marshal Group.  We call for club members to form a group of Flag Marshals to look after providing Flag Marshal services for our Supersprints at Sydney Motorsport Park. It is very involving with transceivers, flags and MyLap controllers assisting with the safety of our Supersprints. If you can help, please contact

    Registration for Volunteers & Officials.  For each Supersprint event we now have a separate entry for all the officials to register so we know who is going to be at the event to make it possible to run. All drivers who can, please register to assist with Sign-on Desk, Scrutineering, event management, and most importantly, Flag Marshals.  Event Management includes Clerk of the Course, Steward, Chief Scrutineer, Race Control, Starting Grid Official and Driver training instructors for Driver Experience events. As we have included in the Supersprint Rules Point 6.4, we must have volunteer officials. Please register whenever you can to make running event possible. 

  • 18 Mar 2024 15:59 | Alex Wong (Administrator)

    Our first motorkhana event for 2024 was held on Sunday at Sydney Motorsport Park. It started off a little rainy but the weather cleared up nicely. The event was fully sold out and there a few interesting cars that showed up including a couple of new G81 M3 Tourings and a V8 swapped Toyota 86.

    Thank you all of the volunteers, Clerk of Course Bob Williams, and those on timing and cones, Max, Matt and Dominique.

    Congratulations to the top drivers!


    1st - James Hughes (NB MX-5)

    2nd - Alex Wong (E82 135i)

    3rd - Chris Benny (F87 M2)


    1st - Alex Wong (E82 135i)

    2nd - Chris Benny (F87 M2)

    3rd - Adam Laura (G81 M3 Touring)


    1st - James Hughes (NB MX-5)

    2nd - Patrick Kong (Subaru BRZ)

    3rd - John Driver (Toyota 86)


    1st - Alex Wong (E82 135i)

    2nd - James Hughes (NB MX-5)

    3rd - Kim Hughes (NB MX-5)

  • 07 Mar 2024 07:39 | Bob Williams (Administrator)

    BMW Clubs and Community Management in Munich are arranging Club Events  for members usually at BMW Group Classic, in Munich.

    Have you discovered their BMW CLUB HUB? Expect content from BMW clubs worldwide as well as exciting insights into events by and for BMW clubs. Don't forget to check out announcements for future events on the Club Hub. Visit the following link:

    BMW Group
    BMW Club Community Management

    2024_Amici and Automobili_Wheels and Weisswuerscht_ENG.pdf

  • 11 Dec 2023 21:51 | Ian McLachlan (Administrator)

    Motorsport Program for 2024

    • Driver Experience
    • 27 Jan – Saturday Night DX.1       Driver Experience on the Skid Pan
    • 26 Apr – Friday Night DX.2            Driver Experience on Amaroo
    • 13 Jul – Saturday night DX.3         Driver Experience on the Skid Pan
    • MotorKhana
    • 17 Mar – Sunday Skid Pan MK.1      MotorKhana No.1
    • 11 May – Saturday Skid Pan MK.2   MotorKhana No.2
    • 28 Jul – Sunday Skid Pan MK.3       MotorKhana No.3
    • 15 Sep – Sunday Skid Pan MK.4     MotorKhana No.4
    • 9 Nov – Saturday Skid Pan MK.5     MotorKhana No.5
    • Supersprint
    • 3 Feb – Saturday Amaroo SS.1         Supersprint Rnd.1
    • 9 Mar – Saturday night Druitt SS.2    Supersprint Rnd.2
    • 5 May – Sunday Gardner Day SS.3    BMW/Porsche Supersprint Rnd.3 PCNSW Host
    • 29 Jun – Saturday Druitt SS.4         Supersprint Rnd.4
    • 9 Aug – Friday night Amaroo SS.5   SupersprintRnd.5
    • 8 Sep – Sunday Gardner SS.6        Supersprint Rnd.6 BMW Giant Car Show
    • 24 Nov – Sunday Amaroo SS.7      SupersprintRnd.7
  • 16 Oct 2023 14:15 | Bob Williams (Administrator)

    Our thanks to our Club Supporter ASV who hosted a fabulous Cars & Coffee at their Euro Car Parts Establishment on Woodville Road Villawood.  

    Take a look at ASV's Video of the day

    ASV has an amazing car dismantling business and giant warehouse of new and used car part.  They opened their doors and invited us in for coffee and a guided tour. 

    There was more than 100 car turn up.  Mostly BMWs from our club as well as visitors and a few others like Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a couple of Drag stars.

    Take a look at the article in Torque of the Town Issue 4 2023 Pages 32 - 35
  • 30 Sep 2023 08:30 | Deleted user

    6 Dec – Annual General Meeting  our thanks to Parramatta BMW for hosting our AGM in their Prestige Showroom at Parramatta.  

    The BMW NSW Drivers Club is an Incorporated Club in the State of NSW and part of our obligation as detailed in the Club’s Constitution; we must conduct an Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The Club’s management and administration is conducted by volunteers some of whom are members of the Club’s Committee and others who kindly lend their hand when and where needed.

    December 6 is this year’s 2023 AGM,  generously hosted by Parramatta BMW at their Showroom, 40 -52 Church Street, Parramatta, commencing at 7:00pm.

    The AGM is the opportunity for members to put themselves forward if there is a desire to officially assist and help shape the direction and continued development of the Club.  The Committee consists of twelve members, five of whom are considered Executive members and the remaining seven members are part of the General Committee.  The AGM is also where important changes can be made to the Club in terms of its administration and procedures, such as matters dealing with the Club’s Constitution (

    Early in November every member was emailed an invitation which  include the AGM’s agenda to provide insight to the meeting’s procedures, a nomination form (should you wish to nominate for one of the committee positions), a Proxy voting form (if you may not be able to attend).  The proxy form is used to nominate a member who you know will be attending in person and you appoint to vote on your behalf.  

    Following the AGM there are committee roles available and important Club activities to be supported.  See page 6 of Torque of the Town Issue 4 2023 for available positions.  They are:

    Membership Secretary, Club Merchandise Coordinator, Advertising Manager and Cars & Coffee Event Coordinator - Sydney Region.  If you can assist in any of these areas, either as a Committee member or just as a club member, please contact our president Ian McLachlan 


  • 24 Sep 2023 12:46 | Bob Williams (Administrator)

    The Results of each round and the 2024 Points table are all published on the website in

    The Points Table after all 8  rounds or our 2023 Supersprint Championship and the past rounds of that championship are published on the website in

    Competitors are reminded of the requirement to submit their Annex-C form for their car only once each year or whenever the Car's modification status is changed.  With your Annex-C  form you receive points in the championship for each event you enter, towards winning one of those terrific trophies  in the Supersprint Championship.  The points for your best 6 rounds are calculated towards the 10 Championships Class and the Trophies will be awarded at the Annual Dinner in February.

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