• BMW Clubs Live Sessions

    If you want to join, please follow the link:

    BCCM Live Session 

    BMW Clubs and Community Management (BCCM), the department of BMW Classic at BMW Munich that looks after BMW Clubs around the world, … more

  • Motorsport Officials

    Getting involved in Motorsport is not just driving in Supersprints and /or MotorKhanas.  Have you thought about being a Motorsport Official?  

    Download  the whole Motorsport Officials story from … more

  • 2022 Motorkhana Round 5 - 26/11/22

    Thank you to everyone who turned up on Saturday for our final Motorkhana of the year. The weather gods put on a beautiful show and there was some great skidpan action had by all!Congratulations to … more

  • BMW Clubs Australia Car Nationals 2023

    Registration for the most exciting BMW Car Clubs Australia 2023 Nations on the Tweed/Gold Coast, Brisbane and Warwick is now open for you select your choice of events.

    Note that this is an all … more

  • Annual General Meeting

    Under the Club’s Constitution and regulatory obligations as an Incorporated Club, the Club must conduct an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each and every year.

    December 7 is the 2022 AGM, and this year … more

  • Wakefield Park

    Hi drivers, 

    Following the Court decision on 13 July, we were very fortunate and privileged to be running our Supersprint at Wakefield Park.

    We started the day with a parade lap and photograph in … more

  • Club Supersprint Car Numbers 2023

    All cars competing in our speed events must have a car number on both sides. The number must comply with the Motorsport Australia Manual of Motorsport Schedule K – Markings on Automobiles and can be 1 … more

  • New Club Logo

    Hi Club Members,  We now have a new Club Logo.     



  • Takata Airbag recall 2019

    Just about all the BMWs that had faulty Takata Airbags have either had their airbags replaced or are no longer registered.  If you are worried go to

    From 2019 owners of … more