BMW Drivers Club Supersprint Championship SS.4

  • 29 Jun 2024
  • 07:30 - 16:30
  • Sydney Motorsport Park - Druitt Circuit
  • 14


  • Once the 1st driver has paid in full then the 2nd driver can use this entry. Send email to to request the unique code for registration.


This is the 4th Round of your 2024 Supersprint championship. It is a whole day on that fast, flowing and somewhat challenging 2.8KM long Druitt Circuit.  

Read these Supp. Regs. for this event.  There is much that is changed and you must read these Supp. Regs.  to understand these easy to use and straight forward requirements.   Motorsport Australia Permit 224/2906/02

Motorsport Australia Speed Licence is the minimum required licence.  We are inviting all drivers with Motorsport Australia Speed Licences from all Motorsport Australia affiliated clubs to enjoy this Supersprint at the very low starting price of $250.  That goes up to the correct $300 cost on 20 Jun, so get in quick. 

Online registration, is as it has been and, we are now progressing to online fill-in and submit forms. No more of that old download, print, fill in and bring those pieces of paper with you.  Instead of that you now, once you have registered and paid, come back to these three forms. This process is simple. You click on the link, it opens the form, you fill it in and click on Submit.   

Risk, Disclaimer and Indemnity Form 

Self-Scrutiny Statement of Vehicle Compliance 

BMW Drivers Club - Scrutineering Form

The new Process:  Your Disclaimer and Compliance go directly to the Sign-on desk with all your usual information.  The Sign-on desk staff mark you present, issue your driver's wrist band and present you with your "Entered sticker".  That sticker has your Car Number, Starting Grid, Starting Place and a box to be signed by the scrutineer. 

Next is Scrutineering.  The Scrutineer has your submitted scrutiny form. Don't take your car to Scrutineering unless it is ready as described in the Supp. Regs. or you will be simply waved away to come back later.  If you and your car are ready then you, your car and your "Entered sticker" go to the scrutineer who checks your car, signs your sticker, if your car passes, then attaches your signed sticker to your car.  

As this is round 4, if you have entered rounds 1, 2 and 3 you should have submitted the Annex-C 2024 form for your car.  If you haven't submitted it this year then download, complete and sign your Annex-C 2024, save it and upload it as you register for Round 4, or print it and bring it with you to the Sign-on desk. That form is available to complete online in the Rules: 

If you are not driving in this Supersprint then please volunteer as an Official. Registration is now open for volunteers.  

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