BMW Drivers Club NSW prides itself in providing Motorsport opportunities for all its members.

As a Drivers Club we offer Driver Training and competitions in MotorKhana and Supersprint. All members are invited, actually encouraged to improve their driving skills and give their car a run on a race track at speeds that the car was designed to do but are not allowed on our public roads. Motorsport in a BMW is fun and it doesn't matter if your BMW is an older 4 cylinder sedan or a new M2 Comp., they all perform well on a race track. We run all our competition Motorsport events under a Motorsport Australia Permit.

Download and take a look at the  Motorsport Australia Standard Regulations.  

Driver Experience, Driver Training and Introduction to Supersprint.

Please  Download Introduction to Motorsport Course Notes. 

Download Intro to Motorsport 2022

Download Introduction

Please Download our basic guide to Performance Driving, read, understand and apply this guide to your daily driving and racetrack driving. Our thanks to Club Secretary, Randall Lumbewe. 

Driver Experience days at Sydney Motorsport Park are Motorsport Australia "Come and Try Days". Take a look at the event policy. These are very successful days with around 50 drivers improving their driving under instruction from our club's experienced drivers.  

Try out your skills and your BMW on these driver training days. 

MotorKhana Championship.

Motorkhana is a low cost, great fun, form of motorsport which involves you manoeuvring your car through tight courses (known as tests) conducted on the smooth, wet and slippery surface of the Sydney Motorsport Park Skid Pan. The challenge is to drive the test in the shortest time and you are actually practicing car control in adverse conditions without any damage to your car. Great for new drivers but we can all improve our driving skills. For 2022 MotorKhana is again a five round championship with trophies.   Download MotorKhana rules

Supersprint Competition 

Supersprinting is timed motorsport – not door handle to door handle racing. We like to see all our club members enjoying this entry level motorsport. Cars are on the track in speed groups so new drivers are not intimidated by faster drivers and the faster drivers are not held up by slower drivers. There is a place for everyone and all BMW models. You and your BMW will love a run on the race track. To make an interesting and competitive Supersprint Competition, our BMW cars have been divided into 8 classes plus 1 or 2 class for all other cars. We compete for points in the annual competition of 7 or 8 rounds to win trophies presented at our annual dinner. The competition rounds are conducted at Sydney Motorsport Park car race circuits, Pheasant Wood Circuit near Marulan, Wakefield Park near Goulburn and Winton near Benalla in Victoria, Lakeside and Morgan Park in Queensland. 

At the beginning of the day at our Supersprints we have a Driver Experience session. This is a “Follow the Leader Session” for those drivers who are not familiar with the track. There is one leader for each group of 3 or 4 cars and the order of cars changes each lap on the main straight. Leaders may take inexperienced drivers in their cars during this session. All drivers and passengers will wear helmets and appropriate apparel with speed appropriate for the cars in the group to keep up and follow the leaders’ lines. The time for this practice session depend on the number of new drivers. 

To enter the BMW Drivers Club Supersprints all drivers must read the 2023 Supersprint Regulations, look up you vehicle's base points in Annex A, work out Modification Weighting from Annex B, download 2023 Annex-C form, sign it for permission, fill it in for the automobile that is entering and submit it to the Club's Motorsport Panel.   Motorsport Australia requires that the Competitor must have consent from the owner authorising the use of the Automobile in the Competition. That permit is on the 2023 Annex-C form. 

Paper Annex-C Form to download

Online Annex-C form

How to save download your Annex-C form

How to complete your Annex-C form

All cars entered in our Supersprints must have an exclusive 2 or 3 digit Car Number. When you register for an event, choose your desired car number, enter that number on your registration form. If no other driver has selected that number then that car number is yours and will remain your number for the year as long as you continue to enter the championship. If someone else has that number then you will receive an email with a list of unused numbers from which you select. 

You purchase your own 230mm high Helvetica or Aerial or like font car number digits in black or white to contrast on your car and have them on both sides of your car for checking at scrutineering. You can use magnetic panels for your car numbers but they must be secured with race tape. Magnetic panels are no good at 100KM/H.  We do not accept numbers made out of bits of tape.  

You also require a 150mm on a side, equilateral, blue battery triangle attached to your car to indicate the battery location. If your car is blue then please have a white triangle background. You must have an appropriate tow coupling on both front and back of your car.

Further to the BMW drivers Club NSW Supersprint Regulations 2023 Point 6.4 and 6.5, all competitor must volunteer themselves or provide an associate as a volunteer at least once in the year.  Please email if you can assist as a Flag Marshal.  Flag Marshal competitors have volunteer points added to your championship score.    

To run our Supersprints we do need Motorsport Australia qualified Officials and volunteers.  Please take out Motorsport Australia qualifications and lend a hand running our motorsport.  There are even Supersprint Championship points for drivers who volunteer as Flag Marshals.    Download Motorsport Australia's Officials Pathway and work on being an Official.

Motorsport Program for 2023

MotorKhana Championship on the Skid Pan at Sydney Motorsport Park:
26 Feb – Sunday – MK.1
23 Apr – Sunday - MK.2
 4 Jun – Sunday - MK.3
27 Aug – Sunday - MK.4
  8 Oct – Sunday - MK.5

Driver Experience / Come & Try / Intro to Motorsport
29 Mar – Wed. evening – Driver Experience.1 Skid Pan, oversteer, understeer and drifting training evening
24 Jun – Saturday Amaroo Driver Experience DE.2
22 Oct – Sunday Amaroo Driver Experience DE.3

Supersprints Championship 
  8 Feb – Druitt Wednesday Night Supersprint SS.1
17 Mar – Friday Lakeside with CQ Car Nationals ½ SS.2
21 Mar – Tuesday Morgan Park – Warwick with CQ Car Nationals ½ SS.2
16 Apr – Pheasant Wood Supersprint SS.3
  9 Jul – Sunday Gardner (GP) BMW/Porsche Challenge Supersprint SS.4
12 Aug - Amaroo Circuit Sydney Motorsport Park. Supersprint SS.5
22 Sep – Friday Night Druitt Supersprint SS.6
28 Oct – Saturday Night  Amaroo Circuit
 2 Dec – Saturday Druitt SS.8

For Driver Experience DE2 Amaroo 24 June 2023

Download Supp. Regs,    Download Disclaimer,      Download Scrutineer TfNSW Form,    Download  Scrutineer Compliance Track Cars Form, Download Passenger Ride Form, 

Download   Supp. Regs. for SS.4

Download   Disclaimer for SS.4

Download   Scrutineer Compliance Form for SS.4 

There is new 2023 Supersprint rules and Annex-C in Rules.

Trophies for our 2021 Motorsport Program will be presented at the 2021 Annual Dinner on 12 February 2022

BMW Car Club NSW & VIC Winton 2016 from Simon Duncan on Vimeo.

Winton 2016 ///BMW Drivers Club NSW from Josh Davis on Vimeo.

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